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New Janelle Monae Video!

I must admit that I don’t quite get the story, but they’re jamming in the black and white. This is an energetic, R&B art freakout complete with ‘fro pomps, horns, bowties and handclaps. Enjoy.

“Tightrope” – Janelle Monae




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Writer, obsessive audiophile, secret bedroom DJ, local daydreamer with more books than shelf space. I'm stockpiling for the inevitable drought. Let's collaborate.

2 responses to “New Janelle Monae Video!

  1. Hendrik

    This is one of those songs that should constantly played on every radio station. The artist is AMAZING and so is the video. I would nominate this song for best song of the year! Janelle Monee took this to a new level in R&B and she is a fantastic performer.

  2. Ardvark ⋅

    Doin the tight-rope….Nearly broke a calf trying to swivel like that bitch. Consider me your new fan.

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